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Ford F-150 Tonneau Covers

Ford Tonneau Covers Truck bed covers
Ford F-150 tonneau covers

In order to guarantee that you get the tonneau cover that fits your vehicle this is where you tell us the bed size of your truck so we can show you the products to maximize the use of your vehicle. Select "Flareside" if that is your vehicles bed option. If you need more help give us a call, toll free at 888-257-4005.


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Ford F-150 2014

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Check out our most recent build of this 2015 F-150 featuring the Gator FX cover!


Ford F150 with a Gator FX Hard Folding Tonneau Cover

Ford has been making the F150 since 1948 and has been dominating the auto industry since. The Ford F150 has been the best selling vehicle in the United States for the past 32 years and was the best selling picking for 43 years. With Ford taking the auto industry and constantly pushing boundaries, why wouldn't you want to see what you can do with your vehicle? Tonneau covers allow full use of the bed and offer protection for the contents of your bed. With multiple different styles and types make sure you find the right tonneau cover for you by calling our experts at 888-257-4005!

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F-150 Tonneau Covers Installation

Installation of your Ford F-150 Tonneau Cover is an easy task for most covers allowing most to handle on their own, although having an extra set of hands always helps. Most applications require no drilling whatsoever. All of the Tonneau Covers manufacturers have designed their tonneau covers to bolt or clamp onto the underside of your bed rails, so its essentially a bolt-on installation.

Every Tonneau Covers comes with a custom mounting bracket kit specifically for your truck to insure a perfect fit and fast installation. Most installs take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours. Take your time and follow the instructions.

If you're still having trouble with the install, we have videos that show you step by step how it's done. Our very own Install Specialists can walk you through the process. Below is an example of our installations and you can find more on the channel on YouTube.

Video Transcript

Hi, my name is P.J. and today we're going to be installing a BakFlip HD on this 2011 F-150 Supercab with a short bed, and like the HD, the F1 and the G2 install exactly the same.

We're going to start on the driver side. First you're going to put the rail up on top of the bed rail, and then you're going to slide it all the way forward until it hits the bulkhead. If you've got a squeeze clamp, highly recommend, that way you can actually hold the rail onto the bed rail and that way it makes it a heck of a lot easier to attach the clamps.

Now to install this you are going to use a 14 millimeter socket or wrench. In this case, I'm cheating. I'm using a power tool. Just snug it up first until it starts to pinch, that way you want to actually go on and push down on the rail. That way you get a nice tight seal and then just finish tightening it up. Now we'll go to the front, and you repeat the same on the other side.

We just got done doing the rails. We're going to go ahead and attach the drain tubes. Now being that this already has the bed rug in it, we went ahead and pre-drilled the holes in the actual plastic plug that's in the front, and then we went in and poked a hole through the bed rug that matches up with the hole in the plug, so we're going to go ahead and add the tube.

We just got done installing the rails. So now we're going to install the cover, and you want to make sure that when you do install the cover you have the 6 to 8 inch flap toward the front. Go ahead and put it on. Slide the cover to where the holes in the cover match up with the slots on the rails and then you'll put your bolts in.

Now what we're going to do is actually align and center the cover. So you're going to unfold it. Make sure you put your tailgate up. Close your tailgate, latch it down, and then look down both sides, center it, push it up, do whatever you need to do and you'll open it back up and go back underneath and tighten it down.

You're provided with three washers. First you're going to put on the rubber washer and then the flat washer and then the lock washer. Then you're given a plastic star nut to attach them all. Now when you're tightening these up, you want to make sure that you're tighten them up just enough to where the flat head of the bolt actually starts to pull in on the cover.

In the installation hardware, you're provided with three rubber strips that go on the panel so when you do lift the panel up against your bed needing that full bed access, the rubber actually hits your truck instead of the cover.

That completes the installation of the HD BakFlip. Thank you for joining me and have a wonderful day.