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Ionic Tri Fold Toyota Tundra 6.5' Bed 2007-2014

Regular Price: $479.00

SALE PRICE: $329.29

You Save: $149.71 (31 %)
Item Number: ION7930-7
Manufacturer: Ionic
MFG Item Number: ION7930-7


Ionic Tri Fold Tonneau Cover Ionic Tri Fold Tonneau Cover Ionic Tri Fold Tonneau Cover


Ionic Tri Fold Tonneau Cover

Video: Ionic Tri-Fold Review

Product Features:

If you're looking for a tonneau cover with superior quality and an unbeatable price, then the Ionic Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover is the perfect choice! The tarp is constructed out tear resistant fabric and the bows underneath the cover are made out of anodized aluminum. Because of the materials used to make this product, it can stand up to anything that gets thrown its way. Of course it's not all about what mother nature throws at it though, unfortunately we have to protect our valuables from other people. When installed, there is no easy way for someone to gain access to your cargo. Not only does it provide great protection because of the latches, but it also applies the principle "out of sight, out of mind". Because of the design of the Ionic Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover, it offers quick and easy access to the entire bed! In a matter of mere seconds, you can fold this cover up and be ready to go.

As far as the installation goes, it couldn't get much easier. The tonneau comes out of the box completely assembled and ready to install. It usually consists of no drilling and can be completed in about 30 minutes. Once you've finished the original install, you will be able to completely remove or re-install the enitre cover in under 5 minutes. Ionic backs this cover up with a lifetime warranty! So order yours today to receive free shipping and our lowest price guarantee.


  • Improves Gas Mileage
  • Sleek, Low Profile Look
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Usually No Drilling Required
  • Arrives Completely Assembled
  • Attach/Detach in Less than 3 Minutes

Ionic Tri-Fold Reviews

Ionic Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover Reviews

Customer Rating - Tonneau Covers World "10!"

"I purchased the Ionic Tri-Fold for my '06 Tundra. Love love love it. I would definitely recommend one to a friend, and actually i already have! Customer service gets a 10. I had a few questions about when my cover would arrive and everyone i spoke with was knowledgeable and helpful."

- Sarah (Massachusetts)

Customer Rating - Tonneau Covers World "Easy to Use"

"I installed my ionic cover in about 5 minutes - its that easy. The service was great and my cover arrived in a timely manner. It is so easy to use and i'm really happy with my cover."

- Darrell (Maine)

Customer Rating - Tonneau Covers World "Perfect"

"I got my cover earlier than predicted and i really like it. It is perfect for me and easy to take on/off. It installs in not time."

- David (Kansas)

Customer Rating - Tonneau Covers World "Good Quality"

"I purchased the Ionic Tri fold for my Dodge Dakota. The cover is of good quality and yes i would recommend to friends. The customer service was excellent and my cover shipped on time."

- Tina (New Jersey)

Customer Rating - Tonneau Covers World "So Good I Bought Another"

"Tonneau cover looked so good i bought a second one. still in the box may sell it to a friend who loves mine. a++ and the shipping was very fast."

- Robert (Florida)

Customer Rating - Tonneau Covers World "Very Good"

"I bought the ionic tri-fold cover for my '06 silverado. The product is very nice and the service very good."

- Thomas (Maryland)

Customer Rating - Tonneau Covers World "Well Worth it"

"Well worth the money and yes, I would recommend it. I only wish the clips were made out of metal instead of plastic. I don't trust the plastic to hold up, but we'll see."

- Greg (New Hampshire)

Customer Rating - Tonneau Covers World "Very Good"

"The ionic tri fold is very good and I will recommend it. Thank you also for the great service."

- Anthony (California)


Every Ionic Tri-Fold Tonneau cover comes with detailed instructions custom designed to fit your vehicle inside the box. You are 15 minutes and 10 simple steps away from the new tonneau cover that you're looking for!

Manufacturer Info

Ionic Tonneau Covers have been providing style and protection across the nation for 15 years. The Ionic covers are manufactured under quality control by one of the U.S.A.'s premier leaders in the industry. Why buy Ionic? We are able to supply the quality of our name brand with a price that will save you a substantial amount of money!



Limited Lifetime Warranty


Ionic warrants, to the original purchaser, that the Ionic Folding Cover is free from defects in

the material and workmanship, Ionic may, at its option, either repair or replace products that prove to be defective.


This warranty will apply as long as the Ionic Folding Cover is in the possession of the original

purchaser and a proof of purchase is submitted.


The above warranty will apply only if all of the following conditions are met.


  1. The original purchase only is covered
  2. The Ionic Folding Cover is on the original owners pickup
  3. The Ionic Folding Cover is properly installed
  4. The Ionic Folding Cover has not been modified
  5. Consequential damages, including damage to cargo or truck bed is not covered


1. Blown Off Covers:

  • A. An Ionic Folding cover that comes off while vehicle is in motion is not under warranty.
  • B. Checking the clamps before driving is the purchaser's responsibility


  1. Plastic and aluminum parts can be replaced.
  2. Vinyl Cover Cannot be Replaced.
  3. Call Customer Service for replacement parts cost.


  1. Take care of your equipment.
  2. Check your clamps occasionally for proper tension and make sure they are clamped down before traveling.
  3. Make sure you check the safety straps occasionally. If you dont use them it will default your warranty.
  4. When you are riding with the cover open, make sure the clips are fastened.
  5. Clean with soap and water only.


Please call customer service at 1-877-213-2344 for any warranty information/questions.