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Pace Edwards Roll Top Cover

Roll Top Cover

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Application Table

Product At A Glance
Category: Retractable tonneau cover Install Time: Approximately 2 hours
Finish: Black padded polymer Tools Needed: 7/16 and 3/8 socket or wrench, screw driver, tape measure
Materials: Padded aluminum panels Canister Size: About 1ft² across the bed, 1" above rails
Manufacturer: Pace Edwards Warranty: 3 year limited warranty
Security: Centered lock, key included In the Box: Tonneau cover, mounting clamps, and hardware
Operation: 1 locking position half-way down the rails. Heavy duty spring smoothly retracts cover.

Pace Edwards Roll Top Application

Chevy C/K 6.5' Bed 1973-1987 RC2013-RC5041 $1,003.57
Chevy C/K 6.5' Bed 1988-2000 RC2003-RC5041-RC7004 $1,055.46
Chevy C/K 8' Bed 1973-1987 RC2012-RC5072 $1,052.59
Chevy C/K 8' Bed 1988-2000 RC2004-RC5072-RC7006 $1,111.43
Chevy C/K Stepside 6.5' Bed 1988-2000 RC2025-RC5041 $951.17
Chevy Colorado 6' Bed 2004-2012 RC2058-RC5019-RC7002 $1,003.06
Chevy Colorado Crew Cab 5' Bed 2004-2012 RC2065-RC5087 $951.17
Chevy S-10 6' Bed 1994-2004 RC2001-RC5025-RC7002 $1,003.06
Chevy S-10 Crew Cab 4.5' Bed 2001-2004 RC2051-RC5003 $951.17
Chevy Silverado 1500 Crew Cab 5.8' Bed 2004-2006 RC2063-RC5084-RC7008 $1,055.46
Chevy Silverado 6.5' Bed 1999-2006 RC2003-RC5046-RC7008 $1,055.46
Chevy Silverado 6.5' Bed 2007-2013 $1,055.46
Chevy Silverado 8' Bed (Excluding Dually) 1999-2006 RC2004-RC5077-RC7007 $1,111.43
Chevy Silverado 8' Bed (Excluding Dually) 2007-2013 $1,111.43
Chevy Silverado Crew Cab 5.8' Bed 2007-2014 $1,055.46
Chevy Silverado Stepside 6.5' Bed 1999-2006 RC2025-RC5046 $951.17
DODGE PartNumber MSRP  
Dodge Dakota 6.5' Bed 1987-1996 RC2006-RC5041-RC7004 $1,003.06
Dodge Dakota 6.5' Bed 1997-2004 RC2006-RC5041-RC7004 $1,003.06
Dodge Dakota 6.5' Bed 2005-2011 RC2006-RC5041-RC7004 $1,003.06
Dodge Dakota Quad Cab 5' Bed 2000-2004 RC2006-RC5005-RC7003 $1,003.06
Dodge Dakota Quad Cab 5' Bed 2005-2011 RC2006-RC5005-RC7003 $1,003.06
Dodge Ram 1500 5.7' Bed 2009-2014 RC2084-RC5079-RC7009 $1,055.46
Dodge Ram 1500 6.4' Bed 2009-2014 RC2085-RC5035-RC7009 $1,055.46
Dodge Ram 1500 8' Bed 2009-2014 RC2023-RC5075-RC7007 $1,111.43
Dodge Ram 2500/3500 6.4' Bed 2010-2014 RC2085-RC5035-RC7009 $1,055.46
Dodge Ram 2500/3500 8' Bed 2010-2014 RC2023-RC5075-RC7007 $1,111.43
Dodge Ram 6.3' Bed 2003-2008 RC2022-RC5035-RC7009 $1,055.46
Dodge Ram 6.5' Bed 1994-2001 RC2007-RC5040-RC7003 $1,055.46
Dodge Ram 8' Bed 1994-2001 RC2008-RC5074-RC7007 $1,111.43
Dodge Ram 8' Bed 2003-2008 RC2023-RC5075-RC7007 $1,111.43
FORD PartNumber MSRP  
Ford F-150 5.5' Bed 2004-2008 RC2003-RC5080-RC7008 $1,055.46
Ford F-150 5.5' Bed 2009-2014 RC2003-RC5080-RC7008 $1,055.46
Ford F-150 6.5' Bed 2004-2008 RC2003-RC5044-RC7008 $1,055.46
Ford F-150 6.5' Bed 2009-2014 RC2003-RC5044-RC7008 $1,055.46
Ford F-150 8' Bed 1997-2003 RC2004-RC5072-RC7008 $1,104.48
Ford F-150 8' Bed 2004-2008 RC2004-RC5072-RC7006 $1,111.43
Ford F-150 8' Bed 2009-2014 RC2004-RC5072-RC7006 $1,111.43
Ford F-150 Flareside  Bed 2004-2008 RC2062-RC5082 $1,247.89
Ford F-150 Includes 2004 Heritage 6.5' Bed 1997-2003 RC2003-RC5046-RC7008 $1,055.46
Ford F-250/350 SD 6.75' Bed 1999-2007 RC2007-RC5052-RC7009 $1,065.87
Ford F-250/350 SD 6.75' Bed 2008-2014 RC2007-RC5113-RC7009 $1,055.46
Ford F-250/350 SD 8' Bed 1999-2007 RC2008-RC5077-RC7007 $1,111.43
Ford F-250/350 SD 8' Bed 2008-2014 RC2008-RC5112-RC7007 $1,111.43
Ford F-Series 6.5' Bed 1980-1996 RC2013-RC5051 $1,013.98
Ford F-Series 8' Bed 1980-1996 RC2012-RC5076 $1,052.59
Ford F-Series Flareside  Bed 1992-1996 RC2025-RC5053 $961.58
Ford Ranger 6' Bed 1982-2011 RC2010-RC5021-RC7001 $1,001.55
Ford Ranger 7' Bed 1982-1992 RC2011-RC5056-RC7001 $1,032.56
Ford Ranger 7' Bed 1993-2011 RC2011-RC5056-RC7001 $1,032.56
Ford Ranger Flareside/Splash  Bed 1993-1998 RC2009-RC5020-RC7010 $1,003.06
Ford Ranger Flareside/Splash  Bed 1999-2008 RC2009-RC5020-RC7010 $1,003.06
Ford Sport Trac Bed 2001-2005 RC2024-RC5001 $987.55
GMC PartNumber MSRP  
GMC C/K 6.5' Bed 1973-1987 RC2013-RC5041 $1,003.57
GMC C/K 6.5' Bed 1988-2000 RC2003-RC5041-RC7004 $1,055.46
GMC C/K 8' Bed 1973-1987 RC2012-RC5072 $1,052.59
GMC C/K 8' Bed 1988-2000 RC2004-RC5072-RC7006 $1,111.43
GMC C/K Stepside 6.5' Bed 1988-2000 RC2025-RC5041 $951.17
GMC Canyon 6' Bed 2004-2012 RC2058-RC5019-RC7002 $1,003.06
GMC Canyon Crew Cab 5' Bed 2004-2012 RC2065-RC5087 $951.17
GMC Sierra 1500 Crew Cab 5.8' Bed 2004-2006 RC2063-RC5084-RC7008 $1,055.46
GMC Sierra 6.5' Bed 1999-2006 RC2003-RC5046-RC7008 $1,055.46
GMC Sierra 6.5' Bed 2007-2013 $1,055.46
GMC Sierra 8' Bed (Excluding Dually) 1999-2006 RC2004-RC5077-RC7007 $1,111.43
GMC Sierra 8' Bed (Excluding Dually) 2007-2013 $1,111.43
GMC Sierra Crew Cab 5.8' Bed 2007-2014 $1,055.46
GMC Sierra Stepside 6.5' Bed 1999-2006 RC2025-RC5046 $951.17
GMC Sonoma 6' Bed 1994-2004 RC2001-RC5025-RC7002 $1,003.06
GMC Sonoma Crew Cab 4.5' Bed 2001-2004 RC2051-RC5003 $951.17
ISUZU PartNumber MSRP  
Isuzu Crew Cab 5' Bed 2006-2009 RC2065-RC5087 $951.17
Isuzu Extended Cab 6' Bed 2006-2009 RC2006-RC5046-RC7002 $1,003.06
Isuzu Hombre 6' Bed 1994-2001 RC2001-RC5025-RC7002 $1,003.06
MAZDA PartNumber MSRP  
Mazda 6' Bed 1994-1998 RC2056-RC5090 $951.17
Mazda 6' Bed 1999-2009 RC2010-RC5021 $951.17
Mazda 7' Bed 1994-1998 RC2011-RC5056-RC7001 $1,032.56
Mitsubishi Raider Double Cab 5' Bed 2006-2009 RC2070-RC5099 $895.73
NISSAN PartNumber MSRP  
Nissan Frontier Crew Cab 4.5' Bed 2000-2004 RC2060-RC5003 $951.17
Nissan Frontier Crew Cab 5' Bed 2005-2014 RC2069-RC5094 $951.17
Nissan Frontier King Cab / CC LB 6' Bed 1998-2004 RC2010-RC5032 $951.17
Nissan Frontier King Cab 6' Bed 2005-2014 RC2068-RC5095 $951.17
Nissan Frontier Regular Cab 6.5' Bed 1998-2004 RC2011-RC5039 $971.77
Nissan Titan Crew Cab 5.5' Bed 2004-2014 RC2017-RC5120-RC7027 $1,055.46
Nissan Titan Crew Cab 7' Bed 2008-2014 RC2083-RC5118-RC7027 $1,104.48
Nissan Titan King Cab 6.5' Bed 2004-2014 RC2017-RC5119-RC7027 $1,055.46
Nissan Titan King Cab 8' Bed 2008-2014 RC2018-RC5072-RC7028 $1,111.44
TOYOTA PartNumber MSRP  
Toyota Tacoma 5' Bed 2005-2014 RC2067-RC5089 $1,095.43
Toyota Tacoma 6' Bed 1995-2004 RC2056-RC5033-RC7004 $1,003.06
Toyota Tacoma 6' Bed 2005-2014 RC2066-RC5088 $1,083.61
Toyota Tacoma Double Cab 5' Bed 2001-2004 RC2061-RC5004-RC7003 $1,003.06
Toyota Tacoma Stepside 6' Bed 2001-2004 RC2025-RC5033-RC7004 $1,003.06
Toyota Tundra 5.5' Bed 2007-2014 RC2080-RC5116-RC7026 $1,055.46
Toyota Tundra 6' Bed 1999-2006 RC2017-RC5034-RC7013 $1,055.46
Toyota Tundra 6.5' Bed 2007-2014 RC2078-RC5114-RC7024 $1,055.46
Toyota Tundra 8' Bed 2001-2006 RC2018-RC5073-RC7007 $1,111.43
Toyota Tundra 8' Bed 2007-2014 RC2079-RC5115-RC7025 $1,104.48
Toyota Tundra Double Cab 6' Bed 2004-2006 RC2017-RC5036-RC7013 $1,055.46

Product Description

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Roll Top Cover Features

  • Hard Retractable Tonneau Cover
  • Padded vinyl polymer adhered to interlocking extruded aluminum panels
  • Complete Security when Tailgate is locked
  • Low Profile sleek design sits flush with bed rails
  • Pull strap glides the cover back and forth
  • Very easy no drill install on most applications
  • Fits over 5th wheel trailer hitches
  • Made in the USA
  • 3 Year warranty

Roll Top Cover Description

Original Retractable Tonneau Cover: Since 1985, the Roll Top Cover from Pace Edwards has been on the market as one of the leading retractable tonneau covers. The affordable price and time tested design makes this cover a great buy compared to the newer, unproven competition.

Easy To Operate: The canister houses a heavy duty spring that helps the tonneau cover retract smoothly and easily. A full length handle give you a solid grip on the cover when operating it. Get the optional pull strap for the complete package.

Complete Security: The Roll Top Cover comes standard with a center lock to make your truck bed completely secure as long as you have a licking tailgate. In case you don't, you can always pick up a Pop and Lock tailgate lock that turn any tailgate handle into a locking one.

3 Year Warranty: Pace Edwards is the premium brand for assured quality, function, and innovative designs that work! The industry leader in tonneau covers for more than 20 years. Pace covers the Roll Top Cover with a 3 year warranty for any of the defects listed:

  • Delamination of the ArmorTek deck
  • Failure of the Continuous Tension Spring
  • All lock assemblies
  • All hardware and components
Roll Top Cover Lock


A lock with included lock cover is integrated into the cover for great security.

Roll Top Cover Clamps

Optional No-Drill Clamps

Avoid drilling into your vehicle by getting the optional No-Drill Clamps. Reduces install time.

Roll Top Cover Pull Strap

Optional Pull Strap

Optional Pull Strap is available If you don't want to grab for the handle every time.

Roll Top Cover Handle

Built in Handle

A built in handle spans the width of the tonneau cover to easily open and close it.

Roll Top Cover Drain Tube

Cannister Drainage Tube

Water that leaks into the canister will be emptied out of the built in drainage tubes.

Roll Top Cover ArmorTek Finish

Textured ArmorTek Finish

ArmorTek deck combines high tensile aluminum panels with automotive grade vinyl.


Q. What is the size of the cannister?

A. About 13 inches

Q. Is the Roll Top Cover secure?

A. Yes, if your truck has a tailgate lock...your bed will be secure.

Q. Is there drilling required?

A. Most applications do not require drilling with the optional No-Drill Clamps.

Q. Is the Roll Top Cover water proof?

A. No cover is 100% water proof, however the Roll Top Cover does a great job of diverting water into the cannister and out of the truck through the drain tubes.


Pace Edwards Roll Top Reviews


The installation of a Roll Top Cover is simple and requires no drilling on most applications. If you have questions about the installation, please call our experts who have installed these before.

PJ, the Install Specialist, shows us how to install a Pace Edwards Bedlocker on a 2012 Ford F250. The Roll Top Cover is a similar installation minus the electrical part.


Manufacturer Info

Pace Edwards has been in the business of tonneau covers for over 20 years. They make some of the best selling retractable tonneau covers that are available today. Their Roll Top Cover is the original retractable cover made over 25 years ago. Pace Edwards offers various types of retractable tonneau covers:

  • Roll Top Cover: Top selling tonneau cover made with weather-resistant polymer laminated onto all-aluminum panels. Lockable top and heavy-duty spring to ensure smooth retracting
  • JackRabbit: Same great quality as the roll top cover with extra 12" interval stopping points, even more advanced low profile design, and full length handle over the tailgate for sleeker looks. Plus the ultra low profile design improves gas mileage too
  • Full-Metal JackRabbit: Tough powder-coated aluminum for stronger support and all-metal spring retraction system
  • Bedlocker: Fully Electric retractable cover that stops at any point controlled by a remote. Completely flush with the bed rails for a sleek low profile look.