What is the difference between the Gatortrax and the Gatortrax MX?

The difference between the two covers is found in the material they are constructed from. The MX is made of Heavy Duty Aluminum Slats covered in a Matte Powder Coat, giving the MX a 500lb load capacity. The Gatortrax is made of a durable Polycarbonate Construction with Aluminum Support beams. This provides both strength and style with a High Gloss Finish.

What is the difference between the Pace Edwards Jackrabbit and Full Metal Jackrabbit?

The original Jackrabbit is built with tough aluminum panels that are covered with padded ArmorTek™ Vinyl. The Full-Metal Jackrabbit is built with commercial grade aluminum panels with a Powder Coated Surface, providing the ability to support a 500lb load.

Which model retractable cover has the smallest canister?

Truck Covers USA covers have the smallest canister with a size of 8” x 8”. Canister size will range between 8"-12”.

How waterproof are Retractable Covers?

While no cover is guaranteed to be 100% waterproof, these retractable covers are designed keep water out. Each cover has a unique drainage system that will channel water into the canister, though drainage tubes and out of the bed.

Are they easy to remove?

If you’re looking for something that can be removed quickly and easily in minutes, you’ll want to check out the Pace Edwards Switchblade. All other models will have a much longer removal time.

Spring Loaded vs Ball Bearings – what’s the difference?

Covers with Ball Bearings will open by pulling from any angle. Spring Loaded covers require you to pull from the middle with a strap however; they require less effort to retract.

Will these covers work with a 5th Wheel?

Yes! All Retractable Covers will accommodate any truck that has a 5th wheel installed. Note: we recommend avoiding sharp turns because of the rails now being installed on the inside of the bed.

Will a retractable cover work with my toolbox/fuel tank?

If you are looking for a cover to accommodate your existing toolbox or fuel tank, both Retrax and Pace Edwards provide a custom toolbox cover. Call Our Experts today at 855-460-6801 and we can help you find a custom fit for your truck.